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New Comic Recounts Successful Campaign by Tibetans inside Tibet

A new comic story recounts a successful campaign by Tibetans in Tibet

“The Story of Zatoe” is a heartwarming story of the Tibetan people’s struggle, resilience, and defiance against China’s corruption and mining activities inside Tibet as told through a fictionalized character called Dicky and her yak Thangoma.

The United States based Tibet Action Institute (TAI) has released a nine page illustrated comic in both Tibetan and English called ‘The Story of Zatoe,’ which is based on a real life successful campaign waged by Tibetans in Yulshul Zatoe against the rampant mining in the area. The comic story covers a girl named Dicky and her favorite yak's struggle against China’s policy of relocation and the family’s constant difficulties in reclaiming their land through non-violent methods.

Tenzin Dorjee of Tibet Action Institute tells VOA that the goal of making the short comic illustration on the Zatoe incident is to show the indomitable courage and the perseverance of Zatoe people to halt all the mining activities in their land, and also to highlight the success of their peaceful and creative campaign. Dorjee added that another reason for this project is to highlight the success stories inside Tibet to the youths in the diaspora community through easy to read short comic format.