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TCHRD Releases Book on Life of Thinley Ngodup


The Tibetan Center for Human Rights and Democracy based in Dharamsala, Northern India released a book on the life of Thinley Ngodup, a former political prisoner on June 6, 2016.

Dhongchung Ngodup, Former Minister of the Central Tibetan Administration's Department of Security was the chief guest at the event, where he shared personal stories that connected him to the author, 'who have sacrificed his whole life for the cause of Tibet'.

Thinley, who was imprisoned for setting up an underground group for Tibet's freedom, was arrested on several occasions and ultimately had to flee the country in 1984. He later served the Dharamsala based Exile Tibetan Administration till his immigration to the United States.

He presently lives in New Jersey with his wife and daughter. He is 82.