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SFT India Launches Signature Campaign for Release of Panchen Lama

Delhi chapter of the Students for the Free Tibet-India (SFT-India) launched a 10-day signature campaign for the release of Panchen Gedun Choekyi Nyima Rinpoche in the colleges of the University of Delhi.

The campaign was concluded on the 27th birth anniversary of Panchen Lama after a fierce campaign at the University Metro Station and Samyeling Tibetan Colony where thousands of signatures were gathered and video films on Panchen Lama were screened.

"Many of the Indian students were surprised to know that Panchen Lama is the world's youngest prisoner," says Tashi Gyatso, Director of the Delhi chapter of SFT-India and continued, "similar campaigns were also launched in Dharamsala and the collected signatures of both of us will be submitted to Chinese Embassy and a copy to the United Nations."

There are over 70 colleges that falls under the University of Delhi and SFT-India has around 50 active members including many Indian students.