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Exile Tibetan Administration’s Security Minister Steps Down Citing Moral Grounds for His Resignation

Department of Security Kalon Resigns
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Mr. Ngodup Drongchung, minister (kalon) of the Dharamsala based Exile Tibetan Administration's Department of Security resigns from his post citing moral grounds as the reason for his resignation on April 6, 2015.

In an interview with the press at his residence, he said, "There aren't any additional complains or issues, I'm giving my resignation based solely on moral grounds."

Dongchung was requested to withdraw his resignation letter by the head of the Tibetan Administration in Exile and other colleagues, but has stood firm with his decision.

Mr. Ngodup has served the Central Tibetan Administration from 1977 within the Department of Security at different levels, was later appointed the minister of security in 2006, and since then has served two terms as Kalon. 'I feel fortunate to have served at the security department which ensures the Dalai Lama's security and have no regret in my service." added Ngodup whose full term would otherwise have ended on August 7, 2016.

Mr Tsering Dhundup, minister of the Department of Finance has taken additional charge of the Department of Security with immediate effect following Security Minister's resignation.