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China's Attempt to Curb Smoking Failed

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China has reported that its attempt to reduce smoking has not been success as the country sees continues increases of smokers. Beijing Morning Post and China’s Tibet Online news reported Wednesday that the number of smokers from 2010 to 2015 climbed by 15 million, making the total number of smokers in the country 316 million. The articles said that the reports are based on a research conducted by Chinese Center for Disease Control and Prevention. Some analysts say the reason was not due to the lack of people’s motivation to give up smoking, but largely due to lack of government’s commitment to give up the revenue the tobacco brings in. Curbing smoking in China is an effort being made by the World Health Organization. In 2006 Chinese government ratified the WHO Convention on Tobacco Control and began banning smoking in public spaces in some of the cities. China is world’s largest cigarette producer.