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Europe Chithues Launch Future-of-Tibet Initiative

Chitues Ven Thubten Wangchen and Wangpo Tethong
Chitues Ven Thubten Wangchen and Wangpo Tethong

The two exile Tibetan Parliament members from Europe have launched a website called ‘Future-of-tibet.org’ to petition and disseminate information regarding Tibetan community in the West. The website claims that the aim of the initiative is to, “strengthen the Tibetan communities in Europe and to strengthen the Tibet movement and its activities in the Europe in order to achieve the just goals of our cause.” The petition which are directed to the Kashag and the Parliament of the Central Tibetan Administration (CTA) address the need to build a Tibetan Community in the West that can meet the challenges of the 21st Century. With more than 30,000 Tibetans migrating to the West in the last two decades, Chithue Wangpo Tethong and Chithue Thupten Wangchen suggest that the balance of the exile community was shifting rapidly and that it offered challenge as well as a huge potential for building a strong Tibetan community in the West. The two Parliamentarians say that achieving that goal requires the combined effort of the youth, the parents and the Tibetan communities in the West, as well as more leadership by the CTA, saying, “We want the CTA to take responsibility for the preservation of Tibetan culture in the West and develop policies that fit to our needs in the West.”