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Paris Climate Accord's Significance On Tibet

Members and supporters of Sydney's Tibetan community join the People's Climate March

After days of negotiation, representatives of over 190 countries reached a landmark and historic climate agreement in Paris last Saturday.

The agreement aims to reduce the climate warming phenomenon in the next few decades by reducing greenhouse gas emission.

At the same time, during the Paris climate conference, a group of Tibetans representing Central Tibetan Admiration, Dharamsala and Tibetan NGOs made a vigorous case on the importance and the significance of Tibet's environment and the urgent need to protect its fragile environment from further degradation.

This week’s episode of 'Table Talk' discusses the significance of the recent climate accord held in Paris and its impact on the environment of Tibet and the world.

Guest: Tempa Gyaltsen Zhamla, Environmental Researcher at Tibet Policy Institute, Dharamsala, Tenzin Norbu, Former Researcher at Environmental Desk of CTA and Lobsang Yangtso, Environmental Researcher at Jawaharlal Nehru University, Delhi.