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Wave of Solo Peaceful Protests in Ngaba: Causes and Impacts

Security build up in Amdo Ngaba Right Before Tibetans Celebrate Losar, the New Year 2015
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Over the past two years, Tibetans have witnessed a series of lone peaceful protesters in the streets of Ngawa County (under the traditional province of Amdo) in today's Sichuan Province calling for freedom and the return of the Dalai Lama to Tibet.

Despite the fact that Ngaba has been one of the most repressive places in Tibet today, there has been a wave of solo protests against China's repressive policies and tactics within the region.

Amongst the protesters were nomads, monks, women, and parents of small children and as of now, majority of the protesters are still behind bars or serving prison sentences.

VOA Tibetan's Table Talk invites Kusho Kanyak Tsering, Spokesperson of Dharamsala based Kirti Monastery to discuss the origin, causes, and impacts of such protests under the present climate of repression.