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Decoding the Sikyong’s Preliminary Election Result

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The preliminary election results of exile Tibetan Administration's political head, Sikyong can be seen on various exile news and social media. While the results available so far are not comprehensive and does not include the entire picture, it does provide the results from majority of the polling stations and also some of the biggest Tibetan settlements. According to the preliminary election results as of October 24, the current Sikyong Lobsang Sangay is leading by a wide margin from his nearest candidate, Penpa Tsering. The three other self-declared candidates in the race are trailing behind the top two contenders by a wide margin of votes. Table Talk invites Lobsang Wangyal, Editor of Tibet Sun and Choney Woeser, Tibet Express to discuss the surprises and disappointments of Sikyong preliminary election, why some performed well and others didn’t do as expected, and who in their opinions, will likely to become the final two official candidates in the final round of the election.