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Tibet Museum Opens Exhibition on Democracy in Exile


With Tibetans exercising democracy by participating in the preliminary election this coming Sunday, Tibet Museum opens a new section on Democracy in Exile.

The Exhibition, inaugurated by Dicki Chhoyang, Kalon for Department of Information and International Relations, said that Tibet Museum, which was established in 1998, serves as a channel to educate the younger generation about the history, culture, and situation inside Tibet.

"The people of Tibet, especially the youth of Tibet cannot forget the role the Dalai Lama has played in strengthening democracy for Tibet," added Chhoyang.

Dakpo Sonam Norbu, Secretary of International Relations and Tashi Phuntsok, Secretary of Information were present at the function along with the press.

Tenzin Phede, Acting Head of Tibet Museum said that the main corridor space is meant for temporary exhibitions, which can be used by individuals to showcase their artwork.

Tibet Museum is also organizing a mobile exhibition on the life of the Dalai Lama in the United States, to mark 80 years of his life and achievements.