Asthma Linked to Cholesterol in Traditional Tibetan Medical Beliefs

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According to Tibetan traditional medical beliefs, cholesterol is one of factors that cause asthma. Dr. Rigzen Sangmo from Tibetan Medicine and Astrological Institute, based in Dharamsala, says that cholesterol blocks air passageways in the lung. She suggests certain food, such as banana, eggplant and so on that are with “sticky nature” should be avoided. She also says eating other fruits and vegetable that help increase immune system promotes healthy lung. As for medical treatment for asthma, she says Tibetan doctors treat patients based on individual physical condition and body types, instead of giving one medicine to all patients. Interestingly, she says goat milk and cow milk are considered to be healthy food for lung in Tibetan medicine and therefore encourages for people with asthma to take it. Dr. Sangmo also says breathing exercises, avoiding aged food, dust, chemical sprays, and smoke are some of the preventative and treatment methods for asthma.