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Tibetan Protesters in Switzerland Disrupt Beijing’s Bid to 2022 Winter Olympic


As the Chinese officials were making their bid for the 2022 winter Olympic, a group of Tibetans in Switzerland protested outside the IOC hotel in Lausanne, Switzerland on June 10, 2015.

Organized by the Tibetan Youth Association of Europe (TYAE), some of the protesters outside the hotel acted a scene of Chinese human rights violations inside Tibet, while a few others managed to get inside the hotel and chant slogans such as "Free Tibet", "No More Bloody Games", and "No Human Rights in Tibet" just as the Chinese officials were making their case for Olympic bid infront of the International Olympic Committee members.

Migmar Dolma, one of the protesters outside the hotel and also the spokesperson of the group tells VOA's Tibetan Service that they had successfully achieved the goals set prior to the protest.

Golok Jigme, a former Tibetan political prisoner who participated in the protest said in a statement to IOC President Bach, “I stand here today as a witness of Chinese repression in Tibet. But this is not only about me. Many Tibetan human rights defenders and protestors were jailed and killed in 2008. If the Olympic Games 2022 should be awarded to China again you will be co-responsible for such atrocities. If you cannot support us, don’t treat us like toys for the sake of flattering the Chinese Communist Party. We the Tibetan people are also citizens of this world and our dignity and rights must be respected.”

On Thursday, China's foreign ministry condemned Wednesday's protest in Switzerland calling it, provocative. "Their behavior will not shake the resolve of the Chinese government and people to apply to hold the Winter Olympics in Beijing," said Hong Lei, Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman to a daily news briefing in Beijing.