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ICT Raises 80,000 USD for Nepal Quake Victims

ICT Vice President Bhuchung Tsering
ICT Vice President Bhuchung Tsering

Washington DC based International Campaign for Tibet (ICT) and it's branch in Europe has collectively raised over eighty thousand dollars for the quake victims of the recent tragedy in Nepal.

ICT DC raised fifty thousand dollars, while its branches in Europe raised another thirty thousand dollars for relief and rehabilitation work.

Vice President of ICT, Mr. Bhuchung Tsering tells VOA's Tibetan Service that ICT had started the donation drive almost immediately following the April 25 earthquake, with most of the relief donations given by its members. He stated that the funds would be distributed within a few trusted organizations working in the affected region, and are nondiscriminatory towards Tibetans or Nepalese victims.

“While some funds are meant for immediate relief purposes, the other half would be directed towards long term reconstruction and rehabilitation work of the affected areas,” added Mr. Buchung Tsering in a phone interview with VOA.