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Kalon Dicki Chhoyang Concludes U.S. Visit


Dicki Chhoyang, head of the Department of Information and International Relations of the Central Tibetan Administration based in Dharamsala, northern India has concluded her first official visit to the Tibetan communities in the United States and Canada on February 12, 2015.

Chhoyang visited the Tibetan communities of Portland, Seattle, and San Franciso where she briefed the Tibetans on some of the major policies and stances of the Central Tibetan Administration, the status of Sino-Tibetan dialogue, significance of maintaining relations with the diaspora Chinese communities, and CTA's initiative for Tibetans with different professions to serve the exile administration through a program called TibetCorp.

Upon completion of her U.S. visit, Chhoyang addressed the Tibetans settled in Vancouver, Canada.

Chhoyang tells VOA's Tibetan Service that she plans on returning to the United States for an east coast visit, since her official trip consisted only of the west coast region of North America this time around.