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Tibetan Student Self-Immolates in Tsoe

Lhamo Tashi
Lhamo Tashi

A 22 year old student named Lhamo Tashi set fire to himself outside a security office in Tsoe city at midnight on September 17.

Tashi's family who live in Drukdo village, Amchok township, were informed of their son's self-immolation by the security police who told them that he had died. However when family members travelled to Tsoe the next day and requested that their son's body be given to them, the police told them that Tashi had been cremated already and handed the family some ash which they told the family were that of their son.

Lhamo Tashi is the 132nd Tibetan to self-immolate inside Tibet since 2009. While it is unknown at present if Tashi left behind a testament or whether he spoke at the scene of his immolation, many of the previous Tibetans who had carried out self-immolation protests had called for Tibetan freedom and a Tibet where the Dalai Lama can return to.

Lhamo Tashi's father is Chopa Tsering and his mother's name is Dhukar Tso.