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Two Tibetans Arrested for Taking Pictures in Restive Denma

Shugpa Village Courtesy Google Earth Image
Shugpa Village Courtesy Google Earth Image

Two Tibetans in Denma, Sershul County, in Kham Tibet were arrested by the local authorities for taking pictures.

The contents of the pictures, the duration of their arrest, or their whereabouts are currently unknown.

Tenpa, a Denma native, who is based in Dharamsala, India has been observing the situation inside Denma closely. He tells VOA's Tibetan Service that a relative of the arrested village head, Depon Wangdak has lost speech after suffering severe beating on her head in the detention center.

According to the same source, some of the Tibetans that were arrested earlier has been reportedly released.

Hundreds of Tibetans in Denma Township of Serchul county pleaded the local authorities to release their Chief Wangdak on Tuesday, August 12, 2014 where at least 10 people suffered severe gun shots from the officials.

Following the arrest of Chief and the resulting protest by the local villagers, all male villagers (nearly 200) of Denma Shugpa village over the age of 12 was arrested.

The area remains under heightened security.