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Three More Tibetans Die in Custody in Denma Township

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Drimey Gyaltsen, President of Denma People's Association in Exile tells VOA's Tibetan Service that the Chinese authorities handed over the dead bodies of three relatives of Chief Wangdak of Denma township to their families on August 18, 2014. The individuals had succumed to their injuries sustained during the shots fired by security forces to end the local Tibetan's peaceful appeal to release their chief, Wangdak, who was arrested last Tuesday, August 12, 2014.

The individuals that died due to gun shot wounds were Tsewang Gonpo, around 60, Yeshi, 42, and Jinpa Tharchin, aged 18.

Chief Wangdak's son, Kunga Sherab, who sustained two gun shot wounds (one on his hand and the other on foot) during the police firing, has been denied of medical intervention, and is currently said to be under a critical condition.

A day earlier on August 17, another Tibetan man named Lodroe Pasang had killed himself in detention center in an apparent protest against the torture and denial of medical treatment to the detainees.

Chinese security forces opened fire on unarmed Tibetans protesting against the arrest of the village Chief Wangdak on August 12 in Denma Shugpa village.

Following the arrest of Chief and the resulting protest by the local villagers, all male villagers (nearly 200) of Denma Shugpa village over the age of 12 have been arrested, forced to shave off their hair, and are being detained in prison.

The area remains under heightened security, with information being difficult to access.