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TAFM Awards Scholarship to Two High School Seniors

TAFM Awards Scholarship to Two High School Seniors
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Interview with Kalsang Phuntsok, Director, Education Committee of Tibetan Foundation of MN, (TAFM) and Tenzin Palkyi, one of the two recipients of Aftab Hasnain Scholarship for 2014. Phuntsok said that TAFM has been giving this scholarship, named after the late son of the donor, since 2000, and that they have a very thorough selection process to name the 2 winners every year. Palkyi, who obtained a GPA of 3.7 and already enrolled to pursue Pharmacy in college said that she is very proud and excited about getting the scholarship, and thanks her family and the mentoring program of the TAFM that has helped her. Palkyi came to the United States in 2012 after completing her grade 10 in India.