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Remembering Gen Wangyal Ritzekura's Contribution and Service

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Recently, a longtime educator and cultural mentor of the Minnesota Tibetan community, Mr. Wangyal T. Ritzekura passed away at the age of 61. After his arrival in the United States, Ritzekura worked tirelessly for the preservation of Tibetan language and traditional culture amongst the Tibetan community in Minnesota. He was instrumental in the formation of Tibetan Cultural School in Minnesota and spearheaded a yearlong project before his untimely death to bring out a common Tibetan language textbooks for the Tibetan students in North America. He has left an indelible impact on the lives of many Tibetan youths both while in India as well as in Minnesota. Table Talk invites Mr. Trinley Woeser and Mr. Pasang Norbu, two of his longtime friend and coworker as well his son Jampa Rizekura and former student Kunsal Tsangpatsang to discuss his life, influence, legacy, and contribution.