Sojong or Precepts

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Kunsang Dolma interviews Khenpo Tsultrim, a resident teacher of Drikhung Kagyue Buddhist Center in Maryland on ‘Sojong’ or Precepts. He says, occasionally, lay Buddhist may take the opportunity to observe the eight precepts as a means of developing higher virtues and self control. Ofcourse, these can be practiced as often as one wishes, but mostly people do it on special occasions such as Buddha Purnima or Saka Dawa. He further says that one can also observe the five precepts through-out ones life. Five of these precepts are as follows: To abstain from killings, to abstain from stealing, to abstain from falsehood and to abstain from alcoholic drinks. If you follow the eight precepts then you have to obey the above five mentioned precepts and then add another three more precepts such as not to eat food between noon and the following dawn, Not to sing, dance or watch entertainment, and not to use ornaments, cosmetics or perfumes, finally not to sit or lie on a high seat or bed.