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Lyme Disease is a Bacterium Disease Transmitted by Tick

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As the World Health Day in this year will be observed by highlighting vector-borne diseases on April 7, Healthy Lifestyle presents information about the Lyme disease. It is not clear wether Lyme disease is widely found in Tibet, but Dr. Tsewang Tamdring in Dharamsla says a disease that is considered to have been transmitted from sheep has similar symptoms. The name for the tick in Tibetan, Lugshig (lice of sheep) also suggests the possible correlation. “Lyme disease is a bacterium that is found across the globe,” says Charles Lubelczyk, a vector ecologist from the University of Main, speaking to Healthy Lifestyle on the phone. “It has been found in Eurasia, Asia, Northern Europe, Northern Africa, as well as North America.” The typical symptoms of Lyme disease described in the west are: skin rash; red bumps around the site of tick bite, which eventually develop into “bull’s eye” pattern; fever; headache; joint pain and even memory loss. However, western doctors say that it is a curable disease if treated properly.