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Observing Thanksgiving Day by Catering Momos and Laphing

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Interview with Phuntsok Dhargye, President and Tenzin Namgyal, Community Outreach Coordinator of Regional Tibetan Youth Congress Chapter in Washington DC, on the group’s decision to cater Tibetan momo (dumplings) and laphing (soyabean curd) for Thanksgiving dinner. Dhargye said that RTYC is doing this to help families with ready- to- eat Tibetan dinner as well as to raise some funds for the organization.  "The more important thing is to get together and enjoy preparing some traditional food and mingle with fellow youth," Dhargye further added. Namgyal shared the same sentiments and added, "In the spirit of Thanksgiving Day, and as Tibetans, he is thankful to have the Dalai Lama as the leader for Tibetans and urged everyone to not forget the Tibetans inside Tibet."