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Wildlife on the Tibetan Plateau

Wildlife on the Tibetan Plateau
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While the mining, melting of glaciers and damming on the rivers on Tibetan Plateau continue to dominate Tibetan environmental news, Tibet in Review has learned from local Tibetans that the wildlife in many parts of Tibetan areas is silently coming back. This is the result of conservation efforts made in the past two decades, which has a strong local participation.Conservationist George Schaller has spent 30 years in the Tibetan Plateau, working with local nomads to protect Tibetan wildlife. In this program Tibet in Review has exclusively interviewed the 80-year-old conservationist about the current wildlife situation on the plateau. He says that there are now about 150,000 Tibetan antelopes. In 2003 World Conservation Union listed the animal as an endangered species. At the time, the number was estimated about 75,000.