Tong-len practice

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This part of the interview series with Geshe Lobsang Dawa focuses on the practice of ‘Tong-len'. This Tibetan Buddhist practice focuses on a key component and goal of Tibetan cultural practices, which is to become sentized to the pain of others in order to cultivate deep empathy and compassion for others. Geshe Dawa-la says that Tong-len means "giving and receiving", and that during Tong-len practice, the goal is to experience or receive the suffering of others, and also to try to offer or give them all of our love, joy, well -being and peace. He goes on to say that one moving technique for cultivating compassionate feeling is to imagine one of your dearest and nearest one, such as your parent or your only child, is in a painful situation which naturally would open your heart and awaken compassion in you. Extending this compassion to all sentient beings is called Tong-len practice.