Deadly Flood Destroys Panchen Lama’s Hometown

Panchen Lama's Hometown
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According to a Tibetan source in Tibet, two villages in Lhari County, Nagchu Prefecture were destroyed by flood in early July, 2013. On Tuesday Tibet Radio, an official Chinese news in Tibetan Autonomous Region, said people in Drong-yul Township of Lhari County, Nagchu Prefecture, lost lives and properties because of the floods that started on July 5. The report focused mainly on the Beijing-selected Panchen Lama donating 110,000 Yuan to rebuild homes in his former hometown.

“Two villages in Lhari County were completely destroyed by a flood after a long heavy rain that continued until July 9th,” the message in Chinese, reportedly sent from Tibet, said.

“The people [who escaped to mountains] were stranded on the mountains without any means of communication or transportation. The rescue teams from other townships are trying to transport provisions on their back, but it would take days before they can get there,” the message added. The message asked people for prayers for their safety, and also asked to circulate the news so that the government might pay greater attention to the disaster.

There was no place for helicopters to land because of the flooding. On July 31, Tibet Radio briefly mentioned on its website that a heavy rain caused landslides in 10 counties in Nagchu Prefecture. Lhari County is under Nagchu Prefecture, and the hometown of both the Dalai Lama’s selection and Beijing’s selection of the Panchen Lamas.

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