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Tibetan Man Self-Immolates in Protest against China

Tenzin Sherab
Tenzin Sherab

A Tibetan man set himself on fire Monday in Kyaring area, near Chumarleb county, Kham Yushul of eastern Tibet (Chinese: Yushu, Qinghai) in protest against China’s repressive policies on Tibetans. Tenzin Sherab, 31, succumbed to his injuries at the site of his protest.

An exile source from India with contacts in Tibet said Tenzin Sherab’s family members and friends learned about the self-immolation after Sherab had passed away. According to the same source, Chinese security personnel confiscated Sherab’s body and handed to his family members next day.

In the days preceding his self-immolation protest, Tenzin Sherab had criticized Chinese policies on Tibetans and expressed concern about Tibetan religion and culture. He was a native of Adrel village in Chumarleb County, Kham Yushul of eastern Tibet.

Since February 2009, there have been a total of 114 self-immolations in Tibet and Tibetan regions reported to focus on political and religious issues, with another two self-immolations that were reported to have been motivated by property rights issues.