Tibetan Mother Self-Immolates in Zamthang


A 20-year-old Tibetan woman set herself on fire around 3pm near Jonang Zamthang monastery in Barma township of Zamthang county, Ngaba Prefecture, Sichuan Province. Chuktso is reported to have died at the scene of the protest.

VOA has learnt that Tibetans in the area took her body to Zamthang Jonang Monastery , where monks carried out prayers and rituals for the deceased.Hundreds of local community members are reported to have gathered near Chuktso's home in preparation for her cremation.

Chuktso is survived by her father Tenkho, mother Dronkyi and a 3-year-old child.
Last month, a mother of four set herself in an similar protest against the Chinese government’s repressive policies in Tibet and Tibetan areas in China. Jonang monastery is one of the region’s largest with around 4,000 monks.

Since February 2009, there have been a total of 112 self-immolations in Tibet and Tibetan regions reported to focus on political and religious issues, with another two self-immolations that were reported to have been motivated by property rights issues.