གཟའ་ཉི་མ། ༢༠༢༣/༠༩/༢༤

A Tibetan Man Self-Immolates in Palung, Amdo Tsoshar (Qinghai)

A Tibetan man in his early 20s carried out a self-immolation at around 8 PM local time today (February 24, 2013) in Haidong Prefecture in Qinghai Province.

Phakmo Dhondup set fire to himself near or within the grounds of Jhakhyu
ng Monastery.

Reports say that monks from the monastery rushed him to a local hospital but the seriousness of his injuries are unclear at present. A source who has close contacts in the area, told VOA that monks at Jakhyung monastery have been holding prayers for Dhondup’s life and that his condition is unknown at this time. Security has been heightened in the region following the self-immolation and a large security force has descended on the monastery.

Phakmo Dhondup is from the nearby town of Tsaphuk. His father’s name is Shawo, and he has an older sibling.