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Tibetan Self-Immolates in Golok

Lobsang Gedun
Lobsang Gedun

A Tibetan man, aged 29, set himself on fire today around 7:45 pm in Pema County, Golok Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture, Qinghai Province.

Lobsang Gendun, a monk at the Penag Kadak Troedreling Monastery in Seley Thang, died after after his self-immolation. Eyewitnesses say Lobsang raised slogans with his hands clasped in prayers while engulfed in flames.

Local Tibetans are reported to have taken the deceased body to his monastery after a minor scuffle with the Chinese security personnel, who forcibly tried to confiscate Lobsang Gendun’s body.

Security has been heightened in the Golok region following today’s incidence.

Lobsang is survived by his parents, Golog Lokho and Sago Dewang, and his 11 siblings.

A total of 92 Tibetans have self-immolated inside Tibet since February 2009 to protest China’s rule of Tibetans.