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Hundreds of Tibetans Protest at the United Nations

Tibetans Protest in New York
Tibetans Protest in New York

Hundreds of Tibetans today staged a protest at the United Nation as the world leaders have converged in New York to attend the 67th UN General Assembly.

Tibetan protesters have staged colorful demonstrations with Tibetan national flags, banners, placards with different slogans: “UN Wake Up; Tibet is Burning, China: Stop the killings in Tibet; Stop Driving Tibetans into self-immolations.”

Tseten Lhagyal, president of Regional Tibetan Youth Congress said the protest will continue for the whole week. He also said the situation in Tibet is critical that the Chinese repressive policies in Tibet have driven 51 Tibetans to self-immolations.

“Today is the first day of protest, and the protest will continue till this coming Friday," said Lhagyal adding “We call on the United Nations to send a fact-finding mission to Tibet to investigate China’s violations of human rights.”

Loga, one of the protesters, says the United Nations was established to protect the human rights. "China, a member of the United Nations, is grossly violating the fundamental rights of the Tibetans that 51 Tibetans have chosen to die than to live under such repression," Loga added.