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TYC Hunger Strike Ended by Indian Authorities

The Tibetan Youth Congress convened a press conference in Delhi to address the forced ending of an indefinite hunger strike organized by the group.

Tenzin Norsang, joint secretary of TYC cited the Chinese Defence Minister’s visit to new Delhi as a possible reason for the Indian action, saying "At 8:30 pm around 10 policemen with two vehicles came and took the hunger strikers to police station and then to Tihar prison. After half an hour, they came again and told us to clear the site of hunger strike. It has happened for the first time and TYC would like express great disappointment for this action of Indian government."

Norsang explained that the hunger strikers were continuing their action in prison and added that prior to the hunger strikers being detained, around 30 TYC activists had been arrested while protesting near the Indian Prime Minister's residence.

Sources have told the reporter that the vehicle transporting the hunger strikers to prison was involved in an accident, causing the strikers to be taken to a hospital before being taken to the prison later in the day.