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Delhi Tibetan Colony to be Regularized

Majnu ka Tilla entrance
Majnu ka Tilla entrance
The Delhi government will start issuing regularization certificates to unauthorised colonies. Of the total 1639 illegal colonies, 1018 got no-objection certificates from all agenies and the final decision was taken to regularize them in this year.

"Delhi Development Authority [DDA] director Mr. Chandu Bhutia has said that the Tibetan Colony, Samyeling in Majnu ka Tilla will get regularization certificate soon as it is in the list of 1018 unauthorised colonies finalised for regularization." says Lekey Dorje the welfare officer of Tibetans in Delhi.

Earlier, the Delhi government has issued provisional regularization certificates to over 1218 unauthorised colonies ahead of the Assembly polls in 2008. Samyeling Tibetan colony was also among the unauthorised colonies that received certificate.

"The Delhi government hopes to start issuing regularization certificates to unauthorised colonies from mid-August. To begin with, 1018 colonies, which have got clearances from all agencies concerned, will be given certificates. As told by Mr. Chandu Bhutia, DDA director, we are very hopeful." says Samyeling Tibetan colony leader Karten Tsering.

Presently, the construction and renovation activities are in full swing in the colony against their given undertaking to stop all contruction activities while receiving the provisional certificate in 2008.

"Illegal construction activities are going on all over Delhi. The Tibetans are using the benefit of relaxation given by the government. We don't know whether it is wise to stop them," says Karten Tsering when asked for not following their promises given to the concerned authorities in 2008.

The Samyeling Tibetan colony at Majnu ka Tilla in old Delhi with a population of around 3000 Tibetans living in 368 concret houses has been in existence for last around 50 years. Unlike other permanent Tibetan settlements in other parts of India, Majnu ka Tilla have always remained a illegal colony.