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Mass Protest in Rebkong, Qinghai

Protest in Rebkong
Protest in Rebkong
Around 300 Tibetans marched to the streets, some carrying long banners, Tuesday to protest local Chinese authorities in Rebkong, an ethnic Tibetan area of China's western Qinghai province. The demonstrators were calling an end to police brutality in the region.

Confrontation between local Tibetans and police Monday night sparked today's mass protest. Sources say four Tibetan men in car were stopped, beaten and tortured by Chinese police early Tuesday morning.

Today’s demonstration comes after yesterday’s twin self-immolations in Ngaba in eastern Tibet.

Rebkong has witnessed numerous protests in the past, including two self-immolations in March this year. Following 34 years old monk Jamyang Palden and 44 years old Sonam Dargye's self-immolations, thousands of people gathered in Rebkong to pay their last respects.

In 2010, thousands of Tibetan students in Rebkong took to the streets to protest Chinese authorities' decision to replace Tibetan language textbooks with Chinese language textbooks. The students have staged protests outside government offices calling for eqality of people and freedom of language.

Rebkong is in Huangnan Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture, part of the northeastern Tibetan region Tibetans refer to as Amdo.