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Life of Jangthang Nomads

Tibetan Members of Parliament with Jangthang Nomads
Tibetan Members of Parliament with Jangthang Nomads
Nomadic pastoralism was a dominant livelihood for the people of Tibet for over hundreds of years and many still maintain this traditional nomadic lifestyle on the Tibetan plateau in changing times. In the exile community in India, a viable nomadic community is visible in the high Himalayan Jangthang region in Northern Inida.

In the cold and inhospitable Ladakh’s Jangthang terrain with an average elevation of 4,700 meters and its varying temperature between -6° to -35° Celsius, there are over two thousands Tibetan nomadic inhabitants.

It is in the cold arid western Himalayan region with mountainous terrain with nude and rugged landscape devoid of any vegetation that Jangthang nomads rear yaks, ride horses and live in tents, akin to their brethren on the other side of the Himalaya.

On a recent inspection tour to Jangthang, located about 300 km to Leh, Tibetan Member of Parliament Acharya Yeshi Phuntsok and Sonam Gyaltsen witnessed Jangthang nomadic lifestyle, and its challenges and difficulties.

Table Talk's host Kunsang Rinzin invites the two Tibetan MPs and the Chief Latah Settlement head Dhondup Tashi to discuss the world of Jangthang Tibetan nomads.