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Contemporary Singer Tenzin Sangpo's Music

Tenzin Sangpo's album cover
Tenzin Sangpo's album cover
26-year-old Tenzin Sangpo is a Tibetan contemporary singer who earlier this year during the Kalachakra in Bodh Gaya released his second album called "Gyelse" (if). In this album, Sangpo sings of awe-inspiring beauty of "Gangtok Girls" and other romantic songs like "Nga Nyi" (you and me) and "My Girlfriend."

Besides romantic songs, Sangpo, who was born and brought up in India, articulates his longing to see Tibet in his song "Phodrang Marpo" (Potala Palace) and also sings of "Rangzen" (indpendence) for Tibet.

Tenzin Sangpo's songs are highly praised by many young Tibetans and especially by his former schoolmates from Tibetan Homes Foundation in Mussorie. Sangpo's first album released in 2005 was dedicated to Ama Taring, the first General Secretary of his alma mater. It was in Tibetan Homes Foundation that Sangpo first started composing songs. "My friend had a huge crush on a girl and one day, with a guitar in my hands, I just started singing as I put myself in my friend's shoes," recalls Sangpo. Gyelse, a song borne from that incident became a hit among his friends circle. With another friend's help, Sangpo composed "Sheja" (education), a song about crossing many journeys to receive education.

Sangpo says his family's interest in Tibetan music aspired him to take music seriously. "My late father was an Tibetan opera master and he would take me whenever he went to teach opera," says Sangpo. "I am highly appreciative of my father's influence and his support in my music endeavors."

As a young contemporary singer, Sangpo is very passionate about upcoming changes in the Tibetan music scene. "I think it will be a good thing for more young Tibetans to engage in Tibetan music. Times are changing and it is time for Tibetan music to change accordingly" says Sangpo whose two albums attest to a significant influence of western music.

Sangpo is currently working in Delhi. He has a bachelors degree in history from St. Joseph's College in Darjeeling and recently finished his masters in history.

Listen to Tenzin Sangpo's songs, and recent interview with Soyala Contemporary Tibetan Music Show (in Tibetan):