Delhi Police Release 47 Tibetans Jailed for March 10 Protests

Tibetan exiles scuffle with Indian Police at a protest outside the Chinese Embassy on the eve of the anniversary of the Tibetan Uprising in 1959, in New Delhi, India, Wednesday,

Police released 47 Tibetan activists who were jailed in Tihar Prison for protesting in front of the Chinese Embassy in New Delhi last Wednesday.

Information secretary Tenzin Yangzom and International relations secretary Tenzin Dolma of the central executive members of the Tibetan Youth Congress and many other regional executive members were also among the protesters who were released.

On March 9, nearly 100 Tibetan exiles gathered outside the Chinese Embassy to mark the anniversary of a failed uprising in 1959.

Witnesses said the demonstrators wore yellow T-shirts saying "Free Tibet" and chanted "We want freedom" in defiance of regulations barring protests around the embassy.

Police dragged dozens of the demonstrators into a bus and detained them for questioning.

India provides a refuge to the Tibetan exiles but tries to avoid high-profile events that would anger neighboring China, which is highly sensitive to Tibet.

The Dalai Lama is scheduled to mark the anniversary of the uprising on Thursday with a speech at Dharamsala, the headquarters of his government in exile.