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Mind and Life Conference Discusses Addiction

XXVIIth Mind and Life Conference 1
XXVIIth Mind and Life Conference 1
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The Dalai Lama presided over the '27th Mind and Life Conference - Craving, Desire and Addiction' at Gaden Phodrang, his residence in exile on October 28, 2013 along with 12 other participants including Dr. Nora Volkow, the director of National Institute on Drug Abuse at National Insititute of Health based in Maryland, US.

During the opening session, the Dalai Lama spoke about the two sides of looking at desire and added that controlling hatred and anger can prevent us from violence.

About two hundred people including Tibetan monks and doctors were present at the conference.

Among the thirteen participants, Kent Berridge, Thupten Jinpa, Nora Volkow, and others will speak on different subjects relating to the topic in the following days.

The five days discussion would be broadcasted live on web (dalailama.com) with simultaneous translation into Tibetan.