གཟའ་མིག་དམར། ༢༠༢༤/༠༤/༡༦

Tibetan Nun Re-arrested for Receiving Warm Welcome at Her Village

Dechen Wangmo was re-arrested last Wednesday, 9 days after her release from prison for receiving warm welcome at her village.

Wangmo's brother Dawa Phuntsok told VOA Tibetan Service that Wangmo received a heroic welcome from about 400 local people as arrived at her village near Kardzi on April 6 after her release from prison.

Chinese authorities had re-arrested Wangmo two days after her arrival at her village. Her cousin Rinchen Sangmo was also arrested for her participation in welcoming Wangmo back to their village.

Dechen Wangmo and her friend Thupten Wangmo were arrested August 4,2 008 for staging a peaceful protest against China in Kardzi says Phuntsok. Wangmo was earlier released from prison on April 1.