གཟའ་སྤེན་པ། ༢༠༢༣/༠༤/༠༡

Tibetan Exile Leader Appeals Substantive International Support

January 25, 2012, file photo shows Tibetan Buddhist monks holding pictures of Tibetans they claim were allegedly shot by Chinese security forces, during a candlelight vigil in Dharamsala, India

Hundreds of Tibetans gathered at Tsuklagkhand temple in Dharamsala to observe worldwide vigil day in solidarity with Tibetans who died of self-immolation and were killed in recent firings.

Tibetan exile leader Lobsang Sangay said the increasing self-immolation cases are not just numbers but human lives sacrificed for Tibetan cause. He said repressive policies of the Chinese government on Tibetans are unacceptable.

Expressing grave concern over the well-being of Tibetans in Tibet in view of the Chinese military build-up in Tibet, Sangay thanked the international support but appealed for a more substantive support from the international community.