The Dalai Lama Congratulates Narendra Modi

The Dalai Lama, left, speaks with Gujarat state Chief Minister Narendra Modi during an international seminar on Buddhist Heritage in Vadodara, south of Ahmadabad, India, Friday, Jan.15, 2010. The Dalai Lama inaugurated the three-day international seminar that began Friday.
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The Dalai Lama congratulated Prime Minister-elect of India Narendra Modi in his party's landslide victory in the national elections. In a letter to Mr. Modi, the Dalai Lama stated that India was the world's largest democratic nation and that the country had a deep tradition of ‘Ahimsa’, the Hindu and Buddhist doctrine of refraining from harming any living being. He said that he took pride in citing India as a living example of unity in diversity, an ancient country in which all the major world's religious traditions flourish, and from which other countries could learn from.

The Dalai Lama said that just as Modi had succeeded in bringing development and prosperity to Gujarat State, he prayed that under his leadership India would continue to flourish and prosper, and that he wished Modi every success in meeting the many challenges that lay ahead and in fulfilling the hopes and aspirations of the people of this great nation.