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TCHRD Launches Documentary on Tibetan Political Prisoner

TCHRD launches new documentary on Tibetan political prisoner
TCHRD launches new documentary on Tibetan political prisoner

The Tibetan Centre for Human Rights and Democracy (TCHRD) based in Dharamsala, India held a press conference on November 20, 2013 where they launched a new documentary film on a former political prisoner.

The film titled, 'A Sacrifice' was shot and directed by Theo Hessing, a documentary filmmaker based in London, United Kingdom.

At the press Conference, Tsering Tsomo, the Director of TCHRD while talking about the aim of supporting this documentary said, "the center hopes such documentaries could take the Tibetan issue on an international platform."

Mr Lhamo Kyab, a former political prisoner briefed the press on the 26-minute film and spoke of his feeling about the documentary, while distributing free DVDs among the journalists. The documentaries has been screened at different universities in the United Kingdom and shown at two different film festivals. This is the film's first screening in India.