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Sri Lankan Film Maker Screens Film on Lord Buddha

A film on Lord Buddha's life screened at teaching
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Navin, a Sri Lankan film maker screened a movie on Lord Buddha's life at the Lamrim teaching held in Sera Monastery, Bylakuppe, South India on December 29, 2013.

The Dalai Lama shortened the teaching's afternoon session and asked the followers to watch the film on Buddha's life story.

While speaking to VOA, Mr Navi said that he finds it important to let the world know about Lord Buddha's life from princehood to enlightenment, and the sacrifices he made for the humanity through this film Siddhartha Gautama. The film broke 66 years box office record when it was screened in Sri Lanka, and Navin is working on expanding the audience by dubbing it in Vietnamese, Thai, and Chinese.

The film also received the best film award at the Delhi International Film festival three days back on December 27, 2013. It took the entire team six years of research, two months of shooting, and six months of editing to complete the production. The producing team brought the film at Sera Monastery to get blessing by the Dalai Lama.

The film producer is accompanied by the film director, financier, and the lead actor. The audience gave a warm response, and Mr. Navi said, "he feels proud with this spiritual crowd."