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Chinese Communist Party School Official Caught up in Sex Scandal

The vice president of a Chinese school training Communist Party officials has been suspended for his involvement in a sex scandal after nude photos of him appeared online, the Xinhua state news agency said on Wednesday.

Qin Guogang, of the party school in northwestern Shaanxi province, was now under investigation, Xinhua said, citing another school official.

Photos of a naked man resembling Qin circulated on China's Internet on Wednesday.

The photos were apparently stills from a video shot in August at the home of a female postgraduate with whom Qin allegedly had sexual relations, Xinhua cited the woman's lawyer as saying.

Chinese Communist Party officials are banned from having mistresses. Sensitive to public outrage and warning that corruption threatens its very survival, the party has pledged to crack down on corruption at all levels.

In December, an official sacked amid a sex scandal was jailed for 14 years for bribery in a case that transfixed the country.

In June, a former regional Communist Party official implicated in a sex scandal was jailed for 13 years for bribery.