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PLA Builds Ecological Oxygen-enriched Barracks in Tibet

The People's Liberation Army (PLA) in China has built the first batch of ecological oxygen-enrichment barracks Sunday at a height at 4,500 meters at the Naqu Military Sub-command in the high altitude of Tibet, official Xinhua news agency reported.

This innovation is aimed to tackle high altitude problems faced by a large number of soldiers who suffer from altitude diseases such as alopecia and nail dent, the official media reported.

According to Xinhua, the oxygen enriched barracks that involved using plants to generate additional oxygen in a special activity room and barracks would mean lesser dependence on oxygen cylinders and higher performance for soldiers.

Soldiers using these facilities during exercise were found to have 10% higher oxygen level in the blood as compared to the outdoors and relieved of the problem of plateau anoxia, the official media said.

Some information for this report provided by Xinhua and The Times of India.