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Ottawa to Hold 6th World Parliamentarians Convention on Tibet

Canada's capital Ottawa will host a 4-day-long World Parliamentarians Convention on Tibet starting April 26.
According to the Tibetan Paliarment in exile, 50 Parliamentarians from over 30 countries and 60 Tibetan delegates are expected to participate in the 6th world parliamtarian convention on Tibet.

The Tibetan parliament-in-exile said The convention will have six plenary sessions: Importance of Environmental Stewardship, Challenges before the Tibetan People Today, Discussion on China’s Policies in Tibet and Future Prospects in view of the upcoming Change in Chinese Leadership, The Interdependence between Cultural and Religious Freedom and Social Stability, Update on Parliamentary Initiatives on Tibet since Rome 2009 and Working Group Discussion on Action Plan.

The 5th World Parliamentarians’ Convention on Tibet in 2009 was hosted in Rome in 2009.