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New IS Video Threatens Attack on Washington

Screen grab of purported Islamic State video threatening terror attack on Washington, D.C. Video authenticity has not yet been independently confirmed, Nov. 16, 2015.

A new video attributed to the Islamic State is warning of a Paris-style attack on Washington.

The video, appearing on social media Monday, threatened all countries involved in military operations against the militant group, saying they will suffer the same fate as France.

The person speaking in the video specifically singled out the U.S. capital city.

“To all the countries that participated in the crusader campaign in a day soon or later, they all will face a day just like what France faced," the person in the video said. “Now we demolished France in their own backyard in Paris, we swear by the order of God we will destroy America in their own heart in Washington."

VOA cannot independently verify the authenticity of the video. There has been no comment from U.S. officials.