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Jailed Tibetan Writer Shogdung Released on Bail Pending Trail

Tagyal, who writes with pen name “Shogdung”.
Tagyal, who writes with pen name “Shogdung”.

A jailed Tibetan writer and intellectual Tagyal, who writes under penname “Shogdung” was released on "bail pending trail" on Thursday, Beijing based Tibetan writer Woser said on her blog. Tagyal's lawyer Li Fangping confirmed Tagyal's release and said he is now home and in good mental and physical state, wrote Woeser.

Tagyal was arrested on April 23 this year in Xining on charges of "instigating to split the motherland." He was detained by the police after signing an open letter critical of the Chinese government's quake relief efforts in western Qinghai province.

Police officers showed up at the Qinghai Nationalities Publishing House in the regional capital of Xining, where he worked, and escorted him away, according to a blog post written by Woeser. They searched his home and library, confiscating his computers.

On the signed letter dated April 17, Tagyal expressed sorrow for the disaster that left more than 2,000 people dead — most of them Tibetan — but also urged wariness of Chinese government relief efforts. The letter urged people to help victims by offering food, clothes and medicine but warned them not to donate funds to relief organizations, warning of possible corruption.

Tagyal had been scorned by many Tibetans for his attacks on Tibetan Buddhism and culture. But the 2008 protests changed that. His new book, "The Line Between Sky and Earth," was an indictment of China's policies in Tibet. Shogdung, having been an official intellectual, wrote in his book that he had been misguided by the party line.