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Golog Jigme Gyatso Arrives In Dharamsala

Golog Jigme Gyatso Arrives In Dharamsala
Golog Jigme Gyatso Arrives In Dharamsala
Golog Jigme Gyatso, who was imprisoned by Chinese authorities for his role in making a film in 2008 and has been on the run since his release two years ago, arrived in Dharamsala, India on May 18th. Jigme is being congratulated and welcomed for his safe passage by the Associations and NGOs in the exile Tibetan capital.

Gyatso, who is presently at the Reception Centre for newly arrived people from Tibet has announced that he will speak with the media after few days.

Pema Chodon, public relations officer of Tibetan Women’s Association, who went to greet Gyatso on behalf of her organization told VOA that he had overcome many challenges and that it was, “great to have him safely in Dharamsala, away from any further threat of arrest or torture.”

Golog Jigme, aka Jigme Gyatso, was arrested and jailed for assisting filmmaker Dhondup Wangchen in the making of the documentary “Leaving Fear Behind” in 2008. He was arrested in 2008 and released after several months during which he suffered beatings and torture. After his release, Gyatso continued to be constantly harassed by the police until, fearing a second arrest , he disappeared in 2012 and had been in hiding and on the run until his sudden arrival in Dharamsala, the seat of the Dalai Lama and the exile Tibetan Central Administration.

Golog Jigme was recently listed by Reporters Without Borders among their list of “100 Information Heroes” on World Press Freedom Day. His friend and fellow filmmaker, Dhondup Wangchen, has been serving a 6 year prison term for making a film that asked ordinary Tibetan farmers and nomads their views on life in Tibet and the Dalai Lama, is expected to be released in 17 days. .