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Australia Tibet Council Urges GIllard to Receive the Dalai Lama

The Australia Tibet Council on Wednesday urged Prime Minister Julia Gillard to meet with the Tibetan spiritual leader during his 11-day Australian tour starting Thursday.

The group said the Dalai Lama is a revered religious leader and a champion of human rights.

"Tens of thousands of Australians will see and hear him during this visit," the council's Paul Bourke said. "A meeting with the prime minister would be a reflection of Australian community expectations."

Australian Prime Minister Julia Gillard’s office has no plans yet to meet with the Dalai Lama. The Dalai Lama's visit ends only days before Gillard's first anniversary as government leader.

Opposition Leader Tony Abbott, who has previously met the Dalai Lama in December 2009 said he will meet with the Dalai Lama in Canberra next Tuesday. The Tibetan spiritual leader will also meet with Australian Greens Leader Bob Brown, and other Liberal and Labor MPs and senators during his brief stay in Canberra.

During his visit to Australia from June 9 to 20, the Dalai Lama will visit Melbourne, Brisbane and Perth where he is scheduled to hold a series of public talks, teachings and meeting with the local Tibetan and Chinese community.

This is the spiritual leader's 6th visit to Australia. The Dalai Lama will return to Dharamsala on June 21, 2011.