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Damshung Self-Immolator Dies From His Injuries

Istanbul protest
Istanbul protest
The Tibetan man who set himself on fire July 7 in Damshung, in the Tibet Autonomous Region, has been identified as Tsewang Dorjee, a 22-year-old native of Damshung, a small town around 85 miles north of Lhasa.

The India based Tibetan Parliament-in-Exile in a release today said that Tsewang Dorjee set himself on fire at a place in town where people normally gather in large numbers and that he had “ raised slogans and set himself on fire in protest against the Chinese government”.

Dorjee’s self-immolation took place around midday, and he is reported to have walked for several steps while still ablaze.

n an interview with VOA, Phuntsok, an exile Tibetan originally from the Damshung area, says that Tsewang Dorjee had succumbed to his injuries later that night in the county hospital, contrary to earlier reports that he had been transported to Lhasa.

However Dorjee’s state or exact whereabouts cannot be confirmed as the exile Tibetan Parliament has stated that no one had been allowed to meet or see him after he was taken from the scene by security forces. Dorjee is survived by his old mother.

Exile Tibetans with contacts in the region say that there had been heavy security presence in Damshung immediately following the protest and that communications in and out of the region have now been cut off.

Another exile source told VOA that immediately following the self-immolation, all witnesses to the act were rounded up and ordered not to talk about what they had witnessed to anyone.

This is the 4th self-immolation protest to have taken place inside the Tibet Autonomous Region and the 43rd reported since February 2009 to have taken place across different Tibetan areas inside China.

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